8 meals you should not cook dinner in your gradual cooker-CNET

8 foods you shouldn't cook in your slow cooker-CNET

Getting ready meals like pasta in a gradual cooker equals catastrophe.


Sluggish cooking is an effective way to arrange a meal when you’re busy doing one thing else. It is nice for households on the go as a result of a gradual cooker does not require a lot oversight and nonetheless produces a scrumptious, scorching meal. Whereas most meals are truthful sport, there are a couple of that you just simply should not put in your gradual cooker. Here is what to keep away from the subsequent time you utilize your gradual cooker. 

Most seafood

Fish, shellfish, oysters and clams must be cooked shortly. Clearly, gradual cooking is not fast, and it’ll obliterate these delicate proteins. The one seafood exceptions are squid and octopus as a result of they are typically robust meats and gradual cooking makes them tender. 

Dairy merchandise

I am not saying that you may’t put dairy merchandise in your gradual cooker recipes in any respect, simply wait till the previous couple of minutes of cooking time. In any other case, your cheese, milk or bitter cream will separate and curdle. 

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Chicken with skin

Chicken with the skin still on is a big no-no in slow cooking. The skin will come out white, rubbery and generally unappealing. Take the skin off before popping it in the pot. If you really want to eat the skin, brown it in a skillet to get it nice and crispy and serve it alongside the chicken. 

Chicken breasts

While we’re on the topic of chicken, let’s talk about chicken breasts. Slow-cooked breasts can tend to be dry or have a rubbery texture. These thin slices of meat cook so quickly, it’s a good idea to prepare them outside of a slow cooker. Try chicken thighs instead.


Pasta is another food that needs to be cooked quickly for the best results. Cooking pasta in your slow cooker can end with a pasty, mealy mess. Stick to cooking sauces in your slow cooker and leave the pasta to a pot on the stove.


Rice also turns to mush when it’s slow cooked. I recommend using a rice cooker instead. You can also use an Instant Pot to cook rice.

Tender vegetables

Vegetables such as peas, asparagus and peppers can become a flavorless, mushy mess in a slow cooker. Stick to heartier root vegetables like potatoes, onions, leeks and yams, or wait to add the tender vegetables until the last 30 minutes or so of cooking time.


When cooked in a pan, the alcohol in wine can burn off. In the enclosed space of a slow cooker pot, however, the alcohol remains. This can leave you with a strong boozy flavor you didn’t intend.

Cooking is often considered a relaxing pastime, but certain mistakes can lead to disaster. To avoid a culinary hassle, check out more of our cooking advice, including 9 tasty and surprising rice cooker meals and 10 foods you absolutely should not cook in your Instant Pot

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