Ballot: Do You Name Handhelds Like Sport Boy And Nintendo DS ‘Consoles’?

Poll: Do You Call Handhelds Like Game Boy And Nintendo DS 'Consoles'?

Picture: Nintendo Life

In a current chat with a pal, we by some means strayed onto the subject of our ‘favorite consoles’. I anticipated some light-hearted bants and joshing as we proposed winners and defended our favourites however the dialog took an unexpectedly contentious flip after I talked about the 3DS whereas umming and ahhing.

My pal responded and it went one thing like this:

“No, no, consoles — not handhelds.”
“Er, handhelds are consoles. Handheld consoles, actually.”
“No, I imply correct consoles.”
“Handheld consoles ARE ‘correct’ consoles.”
“Nah, they are not.”
“So that you’re saying the Sport Boy is not ‘legit’, then? It is like a Tamagotchi or one thing.”
“It is a moveable! Not like a SNES or a GameCube. It does not plug into your TV.”
“It is nonetheless a console, although! Is Change a console?”
“Change is a hybrid.”
“A hybrid… console:”
“Pfff, no matter…”

We politely agreed to disagree and took to muttering underneath our breath in confusion and silently re-evaluating our friendship.

To me, it appeared minimize and dry: moveable or in any other case, just about something with interchangeable software program and button inputs is a video games console, whether or not it is moveable or it sits underneath your telly or any combination of the 2. Dimension or the display it outputs to make no distinction; it is a console, finish of.

Nonetheless, this noodle-y nomenclature acquired me questioning what number of different folks do not class portables as ‘consoles’, so it is NL ballot time! Tell us within the polls under precisely the place you stand on this most contentious of gaming points:

Lovely Nintendo handheld CONSOLES
Pretty Nintendo handheld CONSOLES (Picture: Nintendo Life)

Inform us your ideas and what you name your online game techniques under, and be at liberty to take a look at extra ludo-linguistic nonsense in these articles:

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