Does your iPhone make unintended 911 calls? This is the way to cease it

Does your iPhone make accidental 911 calls? Here's how to stop it

This is the way to cease unintentionally calling 911 in your iPhone.

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Calling emergency providers in your iPhone is as straightforward as dialing 9-1-1, however a built-in characteristic enables you to extra rapidly and discreetly contact your native emergency quantity. It is known as Emergency SOS, and with simply the facet button, you’ll be able to rapidly name for assist, in addition to notify your emergency contacts.

It is an extremely helpful iOS characteristic to have in case of a extreme automobile accident or perhaps a residence invasion, but it surely’s additionally straightforward to make use of unintentionally. In case you’ve obtained youngsters or generally tend to fidget together with your iPhone, it is fairly straightforward to name emergency providers by mistake. All it takes is just a few clicks or a protracted press, and immediately you are not solely calling 911, but in addition sending out textual content messages to your family members that you simply may presumably be in peril. Yikes.

It is fairly straightforward to stop the Emergency SOS characteristic from unintentionally activating, nevertheless, whereas nonetheless conserving the characteristic out there in case of an precise emergency. On this information, we’ll present you the way to toggle off just a few settings so that you simply now not dial 911 by mistake in your iPhone.

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How Emergency SOS is accidentally activated on iOS

You can enable Emergency SOS to call emergency services in three ways:

  • Press and hold the side and volume buttons
  • Rapidly press the side button five times
  • Slide the Emergency SOS slider

It’s the first two options that are easy to trigger and accidentally call emergency services, so we’re going to disable those two options and only leave the third one.


Disable these two settings to help prevent your iPhone from accidentally calling 911.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

How to prevent your iPhone from accidentally calling emergency services

To disable the two quick-access options, launch the Settings application and go into Emergency SOS. Next, toggle off the following two options:

  • Call with Hold: Press and hold down the side and volume button for several seconds.
  • Call with 5 Presses: Quickly press down fives times on the side button.

If you’re running an older version of iOS, you may have different setting options, but they’re the same as the ones above, just named differently. If you see Call with Side Button, that’s the same as Call with 5 Presses, and Auto Call is the same as Call with Hold.

And although these settings will then be disabled once you toggle them off, don’t worry — you can still trigger Emergency SOS by holding down the volume and the side button for a couple seconds and then sliding the Emergency SOS slider to the right. It takes a few seconds longer, but it still provides an easy way to contact emergency services in a pinch.

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