Dune film: A information to all of the terminology that you must know

Dune movie: A guide to all the terminology you need to know

The brand new Dune trailer opens with some exposition from Zendaya’s Chani.

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The Dune universe is huge. You might write 10 books on the planets, intergalactic politics and individuals who stay amongst so many stars. And a few folks have! Frank Herbert’s six-novel epic is surrounded by different tales written by his son Brian Herbert with the assistance of the inimitable Kevin J. Anderson. We all know the film headed to theaters and HBO Max on Oct. 21 solely covers a part of the unique ebook, however that does not make the quantity of data wanted to get essentially the most out of what we’re about to expertise any much less intense.

Fortuitously, you all have me. I have been studying the Dune books my total life, and all of that info lastly has a use. This is a fast terminology information with primary explainers to assist make the film that rather more pleasurable. 

Laborious-core Dune followers might shout, “Simply learn the ebook!” however — enjoyable truth — the primary Dune film launched in 1984 additionally had a paper handout explaining all the unusual language used within the movie. It appears just a little foolish handy out a bit of paper for folks to confer with in a darkish theater once you need them to look at the display screen in entrance of them, so I’ll do it just a little otherwise. Please do not use your telephone when the film begins, however if you wish to look at this earlier than it begins and after it is over, you’ve got it right here to get pleasure from.

The Emperor

After a number of galactic wars, considered one of them in opposition to robots, the Nice Homes of the Universe determined there wanted to be a ruling physique of types to dictate how issues could be. The Dune universe is now managed by a single ruling household, Home Corrino. The pinnacle of this home, Emperor Shaddam IV, is the 81st Emperor of the Recognized Universe. Because the film begins, the 68-year previous Emperor worries about his place as emperor, because of a rumor he’d poisoned his 138-year previous father. 

To keep up energy, Shaddam must preserve everybody within the universe completely satisfied and below management. 


Every little thing within the universe requires this mind-altering drug to proceed at its present tempo. It makes you smarter and stay longer. Beneath excessive circumstances it even makes your eyes flip blue, however extra on that later. Everybody makes use of spice, aka melange, although how a lot you utilize impacts its impact. Area pilots take it to allow them to navigate this universe’s type of hyperspace, and tacticians take big portions to allow them to course of huge quantities of data in a brief time period. 

Everybody wants spice, and with out it the universe would grind to a halt and loads of rich folks would die, as a result of these items is artificially extending their lives. 


Spice can solely be discovered on one planet, and that is Arrakis. This planet is nearly fully desert, with little or no naturally occurring water discovered on the floor. The spice is the byproduct of huge sandworms that roam the whole floor of the planet. Makes an attempt to maneuver sandworms to different planets to create a number of locations with spice manufacturing have failed. It solely occurs on Arrakis. 

That is an important planet within the universe, and whichever household the emperor places in control of mining spice is thereby one of the essential.


Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban Harkonnen. 

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Home Harkonnen

Originally of Dune, the household accountable for mining spice on Arrakis is the Harkonnen household. The homeworld for this household is massively industrial and polluted, that means that they had accomplished such a great job stripping their very own planet of its pure sources the emperor thought they might be good for mining Arrakis. 

Home Harkonnen is requested to go away Arrakis initially of the Dune story as a result of they have been stealing spice to promote on the aspect as an alternative of giving all of it to the emperor. These will not be good folks, and they’re going to do something to regain management of Arrakis. 

Home Atreides

As one of the common of the Nice Homes within the universe, Duke Leto Atreides and the remainder of his household have constructed a repute for doing the correct factor and serving to these in want. They’re extremely common, and it’s believed that in the event that they run the mining operations on Arrakis it will preserve everybody in spice for a really very long time. 

However being that common normally means your enemies are prepared to do fairly a bit to take you down. 

Dune Eyes

The deep blue-within-blue Eyes of Ibad. 

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The native folks of Arrakis are a tribal folks devoted to residing in concord with the planet, which regularly makes outsiders see them as supernatural and even magical for with the ability to survive within the desert and coexist with the large sandworms. Fremen are normally straightforward to identify, as all of them have spent a lot time with spice within the air, water and meals they’ve developed deep blue eyes. The entire eye is blue, not simply the retina, they usually name this the Eyes of Ibad. You will additionally see Fremen wielding a crysknife, a sacred weapon solid from the tooth of a large sandworm.

When the Harkonnen occupied Arrakis, the abuse of the planet was so excessive some Fremen felt it essential to take motion. This brought on quite a lot of bloodshed and in some circumstances enslavement of the Fremen, all of which ended when Home Atreides took management. However that does not imply all and even most Fremen belief the brand new occupants of their planet. 


Arrakis is a particularly scorching desert with virtually no moisture within the air, and being outdoors in regular garments for prolonged intervals of time is nearly at all times catastrophic. Everybody who lives on Arrakis, together with the Fremen, put on stillsuits to outlive within the harsh surroundings. This go well with not solely retains your complete physique secure from sandstorms and excessive warmth, however it additionally collects all the liquid your physique produces and filters it to the purpose of being drinkable once more. 

Sure, all the liquid your physique produces. All of it. 


Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson as Paul Atreides and the Bene Gesserit Girl Jessica, sporting stillsuits.

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Bene Gesserit

There’s an intergalactic guild of supernaturally enhanced girls on this universe, referred to as the Bene Gesserit. Amongst many different issues, these girls can alter the chemical composition of their very own our bodies to create poisons and manipulate others by means of an influence of suggestion referred to as The Voice. This assortment of talents is regularly known as The Weirding Approach, and even features a significantly deadly type of fight. The Bene Gesserit are regularly revered as holy girls, cursed as spies or witches, and customarily feared and revered in all places. 

It is extraordinarily uncommon for a person to be taught the methods of the Bene Gesserit, a lot much less be significantly good at utilizing their talents, as a result of they’re extraordinarily cautious with their breeding and selecting who will get skilled. 


After an awesome conflict with considering machines, the Nice Homes determined to completely ban the usage of advanced computer systems. As an alternative, nice human computer systems referred to as Mentats have been created by the good homes. These people are able to immense calculations in milliseconds, in addition to navy technique, although not all Mentats are created equal. The coaching normally begins at delivery, and these human computer systems are uncovered to one thing referred to as the Juice of Sapho as soon as they’ve proven superior cognitive talents, to additional develop their thoughts.

One of many biggest residing Mentats is Thufir Hawat, who serves Home Atreides.

Private shields

As safety from assassins, many rich members of the Galactic Court docket use a private protect to maintain themselves secure. This power barrier is customized calibrated to the wants of the wearer, that means it may be unfastened sufficient to permit somebody to succeed in a hand by means of it or dense sufficient to limit air molecules from passing by means of. These shields are shut sufficient to the pores and skin to guard the wearer from absolutely anything at vary, although a slowly transferring blade can penetrate a protect if wielded appropriately. Additionally it is recognized all through the worlds that if a private protect have been ever hit by a lasgun the ensuing explosion could be atomic in scale.

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