Elon Musk tweets that Tesla is rolling again ‘Full Self-Driving’ for some customers due to software program points

Elon Musk tweets that Tesla is rolling back ‘Full Self-Driving’ for some users because of software issues

It was the newest twist in a saga that has disrupted typical automobile business practices and drawn the eye of security advocates and regulators, who concern the implications of Tesla foisting the largely untested software program on the general public. Full Self-Driving is an expanded iteration of the software program that Tesla calls Autopilot, which might navigate highways, summon and park vehicles, and conduct different maneuvers with an attentive driver behind the wheel. Full Self-Driving brings these capabilities to metropolis streets, permitting the software program to navigate Tesla vehicles by way of native roads and residential areas. Customers should listen always, and the software program — regardless of its title — shouldn’t be thought-about autonomous by business or regulatory definitions.

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