Future 2 Bungie MMO Recreation Evolving With Witch Queen

Destiny 2 Bungie MMO Game Evolving With Witch Queen

A creature with wings and a crown rises in a green landscape in a screenshot from the Destiny 2: The Witch Queen reveal trailer.

The world of Bungie’s shooter-MMO Future has developed considerably because it first touched down in 2014. The sport’s seasonal fashions that debuted with 2019’s Shadowkeep enlargement have featured their very own mini-stories which have made the unique black-and-white narrative the sport launched with extra difficult. The place earlier seasons targeted on making previous enemies into allies or setting the stage for the inevitable confrontation with the forces of the Darkness, the present “Season of the Misplaced” is popping its eye on the Guardians themselves.

Talking with Axios, Bungie author Nikkos Stephens mentioned how bizarre it’s that Guardians don’t bear in mind who they’re upon their resurrection by the Traveler, that big god ball that provides Guardians their house magic. “There’s really some degree of legislation that dictates Guardians don’t reveal one another’s pasts or go in search of them … there are additionally numerous characters who immediately inform others to not say something.” Whereas on some degree, it may be releasing to not have your previous outline you as you shoot house turtles with cosmic lightning, it makes issues decidedly extra difficult when somebody goes snooping for his or her previous life.

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That very same interview talks about how “Misplaced”’s narrative theme is dropping belief in your loved ones, which is becoming since two of the supporting characters are the Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken and her brother Uldren. Uldren turned the antagonist of 2018’s Forsaken and was personally shot within the head by the Guardian (your character), later to turn into resurrected because the Crow. Whereas NPCs have questioned if they will place blame on the actions of a person who’s been successfully useless for 3 years, Crow simply realized of his former life in an in-game occasion this week because of Savathun, the antagonist of subsequent 12 months’s Witch Queen enlargement who’s been making it clear because the season began—by which gamers and characters talk along with her in a frozen, crystalline type as a part of an uneasy alliance—that she’s going to ultimately be an issue.

Not that it was ever a secret, because the enlargement’s title was revealed over a 12 months in the past. What’s extra, the trailer for the enlargement exhibits that she’s discovered a approach to give your cosmic powers to the Hive, who’re very pleased to make use of them in opposition to you. Regardless of that, it’s labored within the sport’s favor as she summons Guardians to speak each week. “We knew we wished to offer gamers face time along with her and ensure they’d a very good thought of who she was,” narrative lead Julia Nardin informed GamesRadar. And that continued relationship, she hopes, will make issues messy when it’s time to go gun-to-claw with Savathun: “There’s divide in the neighborhood about Savathun, which wished! We would like gamers to enter the enlargement with combined emotions, and never really feel 100% positive that what they’re doing is the correct factor.” Regardless of how typically she refers to Guardians as her “good friend,” it’s clear that Savathun is a queen of deception and takes some pleasure in fucking with everybody whereas she’s a large paperweight. “All these characters that imagine they’re shifting ahead by their very own motivations are considerably influenced by the Witch Queen,” author Stephens stated, ominously.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen releases on February 22, 2022.

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