Get Characters in Genshin Affect

How to Get Characters in Genshin Impact

Are you taking part in Genshin Affect and not sure of get the characters you need? Nicely, you’re in the correct place. This information explains Gacha methods, pity, banners, currencies, and extra.

The Gacha System Defined

Genshin Affect is a Gacha sport that makes use of an RNG. You could have seen this time period tossed round by the neighborhood and it stands for “random quantity generator”. An RNG is an algorithm that, properly… generates random numbers. And these numbers are used to dictate the outcomes of sure occasions. Merely put — it’s luck — and it performs a giant position in Gacha methods.

Many would say that the Gacha system is the controversial a part of Genshin Affect. It’s usually what places off some gamers from the sport, and for others, it may be what attracts them. So, what’s it?

The Gacha system is much like the loot packing containers present in different video games. Gamers spend forex to roll on a banner in hopes of getting the character or merchandise they need. That is the place the issue lies for some individuals as repeatedly not getting what they need can get irritating and costly.

Gacha video games are infamous for having very low charges for his or her 5-star characters and weapons. Genshin Affect, particularly, has a 0.6% charge for his or her 5-star objects and a 5.1% charge for his or her 4-star objects. However in an try to reply participant considerations round by no means putting it fortunate, Genshin Affect features a pity system.

The Pity System in Genshin Affect

The Pity system exists to snuff slightly of the uncertainty out of the Gacha system. Mainly, after a sure variety of rolls, gamers are assured to get a excessive rarity merchandise. In Genshin Affect, this merchandise is a 4 or 5-star character or weapon. The pity system in Genshin Affect works a bit like this:

  • Restricted Character Banner: Roll 10 occasions for a assured 4-star and 90 occasions for a assured 5-star.
  • Customary Banner: Roll 10 occasions for a assured 4-star and 90 occasions for a assured 5-star.
  • Weapon Banner: Roll 10 occasions for a assured 4-star and 80 occasions for a assured 5-star.

The above refers to onerous pity or the variety of rolls it takes to get a assured 4 or 5-star character/weapon. There’s one other kind of pity known as delicate pity which begins across the seventy fifth roll. That is the place the probabilities of getting a 5-star character/weapon start to extend.

Pity carries over from banner to banner. So, when you roll 75 occasions earlier than a brand new banner drops, these rolls will carry over. Notice that this solely works when you’re rolling on the identical banner. Character and Customary banners don’t share the identical pity. They work individually, and this additionally applies to the Weapon banner.

Now with all that out of the best way, you may be questioning concerning the several types of banners. Nicely, that’s the subsequent subject we’re tackling.

Banners are the classes you utilize your currencies to roll on. The content material of every banner differs barely however that distinction is the important thing to creating certain you get the characters you need. The primary banner we’re going to speak about is the usual banner.

Customary Banner

The usual banner is also called the everlasting banner. It is because the weapons and characters it incorporates don’t change fairly often.

The usual banner in Genshin Affect incorporates these characters and weapons:

  • All of the 4-star characters

This banner additionally incorporates 4-star weapons in addition to 5-star weapons. It’s usually not suggested to spend all of your rolls on this banner because it’s essentially the most random out of all of them.

Restricted Character Banner

Now we’re speaking about the good things. This banner is the place most individuals roll because it incorporates a restricted character in addition to a “charge up” for that character and different 4-star characters. Price up means you’ve got a a lot increased probability of getting that character than those and not using a charge up.

The Restricted Character Banner sometimes incorporates:

  • Restricted 5-star character with charge up
  • 4-star characters with charge up
  • The 5-star characters from the Customary Banner with no charge up
  • The 4-star characters (besides Lisa, Kaeya, and Amber) from the Customary Banner with no charge up
  • Varied 5-star weapons
  • 4-star weapons with no charge up

The Restricted Character Banner additionally has a mechanic known as 50/50, the place when you don’t get the restricted character as your first 5-star, the subsequent 5-star you get is assured to be the restricted 5-star character. Notice that this solely works on this banner.

Weapon Banner

For those who’re in want of fine weapons in Genshin Affect, this banner is one you’ll wish to strive. It often has two 5-star weapons and some 4-star weapons with charge up.

The Weapon Banner incorporates:

  • Two 5-star weapons with charge up
  • A couple of 4-star weapons with charge up
  • Varied 5-star weapons with no charge up
  • Varied 4-star weapons with no charge up

If you wish to know the specifics of every banner and what they’re at present providing, click on the main points button beneath it within the sport to see which weapons/characters you will get from it and the proportion.

Genshin Affect Currencies

There are numerous currencies out there in Genshin Affect to make use of for banners. There are Primogems, fates, and genesis crystals. First, let’s discuss Primogems as these are crucial of all of them.


Primogems are essentially the most primary but most necessary forex in Genshin Affect. You possibly can convert Primogems into fates and use that to roll for the banner you want, nevertheless, this forex is experiencing a drought so ensure you’re not losing them. You possibly can earn Primogems in Genshin Affect naturally via quests, occasions, each day commissions, and the Spiral Abyss. There’s additionally a month-to-month subscription known as Blessing of the Welkin Moon the place you may achieve a set quantity of Primogems per day for 30 days, but it surely prices 4.99 USD.


There are two sorts of Fates in Genshin Affect– Intertwined Fates and Acquaint Fates — and every Destiny has a particular banner the place you should use it. Intertwined Fates are utilized in restricted character banners and weapon banners. In the meantime, Acquaint Fates are utilized in customary banners.

To get Fates in Genshin Affect, it includes changing your Primogems and/or visiting Paimon’s bargains below the Outlets tab. Paimon’s bargains provide fates for minor currencies known as masterless starglitter and masterless stardust which you can earn by rolling in any banner.

Genesis Crystals

Genesis Crystals price real-life cash in Genshin Affect. They may also be transformed with a 1:1 worth to Primogems however not vice-versa. This implies when you’ve transformed your Genesis Crystals to Primogems, you may’t convert them again. You can even use Genesis Crystals to purchase outfits for characters.

Get Free Characters in Genshin Affect

Some Genshin Affect characters are acquired without spending a dime by merely taking part in via the primary story. Some are additionally out there without spending a dime for a restricted time throughout particular occasions. Here is get the (at present) free characters in Genshin Affect:

Aloy (4-star)

  • Obtain without spending a dime in model 2.1 (For PS4 and PS5 gamers)
  • Obtain without spending a dime in model 2.2 (For different platforms)

Amber (4-star)

  • Pure quest development

Barbara (4-star)

  • Creating a personality earlier than 1.1
  • Reaching Journey Stage 20

Kaeya (4-star)

  • Pure quest development

Lisa (4-star)

  • Pure quest development

Noelle (4-star)

  • 100% assured in Newbie’s Gacha Banner

Xiangling (4-star)

  • Clearing Spiral Abyss Flooring 3, Chamber 3

Beforehand Free Characters

Beidou (4-star)

  • Reward from the Thunder Sojourn occasion. (Previous occasion)

Diona (4-star)

  • Reward for the Vitality Amplification occasion. (Previous occasion)

Fischl (4-star)

  • Full Prinzessin’s Pact of Unreconciled Stars occasion. (Previous Occasion)

Characters are what dictate your flexibility in team-building in Genshin Affect and the type of content material you may clear. Nonetheless, additionally figuring out the finest characters to roll for in Genshin Affect is nice information to have so you don’t waste your valuable Primogems. Put all of this collectively and also you’re set as much as have a clean time in Genshin Affect!

Cedric Pabriga is a contract author for IGN. He spends most of his day listening to music or taking part in video video games. He additionally writes quick tales in his spare time. You possibly can observe him on Twitter @IchikaRika.

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