Halo Infinite Marketing campaign Footage Reveals Outpost Gameplay and a New AI Companion

Halo Infinite Campaign Footage Reveals Outpost Gameplay and a New AI Companion

A brand new video detailing the Halo Infinite marketing campaign has revealed model new footage of the Grasp Chief’s subsequent mission, in addition to an introduction to his new AI and a number of the actions that may be accomplished.

Halo Infinite’s marketing campaign – which 343 Industries claims is the largest Halo marketing campaign thus far – is about on the Zeta Halo, an open world Halo ring the place the Banished, a splinter faction from the Covenant, led by the Brutes, have settled. They have been constructing outposts, which could be discovered in your travels and brought out, akin to related outposts in open world video games like Far Cry. Within the video, we will see Chief discovering an outpost – named Ransom Hold – and scanning it for weak factors. He then makes use of a rocket launcher to detonate a big silo, suggesting every outpost might have alternative ways of shutting them down. That is a part of 343’s intention to supply “extra freedom to take down the Banished”.

This chapter of the Halo saga will see Grasp Chief working with a brand new AI companion, often called The Weapon. Following the occasions of Halo 5 and Cortana’s defection, The Weapon has been created to reply the query of what occurred to Chief’s earlier AI, and to lock her down. It looks like as soon as once more the connection between Cortana and Chief can be within the highlight for Halo Infinite.

Additionally seen within the trailer is a glimpse on the upgrades tree, which incorporates enhancements for Chief’s new Grappleshot, in addition to his Thrusters, Defend Core, Risk Sensor radar, and a Drop Wall defend. These thursters can be utilized to shortly dodge out of the best way of incoming assaults, whereas the Drop Wall defend features akin to the Titan’s defend wall from Future. An amusing second reveals off the Grappleshot, through which Chief grapples onto a Banshee midair to hijack it. All of it seems to be very dynamic and wild.

We see a number of new enemies, together with the flying Skimmers, a brand new named villain referred to as Jega ‘Rdomnai who’s mentioned to be a sadistic Spartan killer, and one thing that calls itself the “Harbinger of Reality” and claims that the Forerunners have been liars.

Halo Infinite: Inside Infinite July 2021 Screenshots

We additionally see a brand new Chief utilizing a Wasp, the VTOL plane first launched in Halo 5. The Wasp is summon from a car station, and we see Chief additionally had the choice of different basic automobiles such because the Mongoose.

That is our first have a look at Halo Infinite’s marketing campaign since we noticed it at the Xbox Video games Showcase in July 2020 forward of the launch of Xbox Collection X/S. Grasp Chief’s newest journey was set to be a launch title for Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, however the sport was delayed following blowback about Halo Infinite’s graphics and the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on its improvement timeline.

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Halo Infinite will launch December 8 on Xbox consoles and PC.

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