Hawaii’s Kīlauea Volcano Erupts as New Lake of Lava Types

Hawaii's Kīlauea Volcano Erupts as New Lake of Lava Forms

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Photograph: USGS

The realm of the park the place the eruption is happening is at the moment closed to guests, so that you’ll must expertise it vicariously by way of scientists’ observations. It’s greatest to go away the up-close-and-private interactions with the volcano to educated professionals.

“Due to this fact, excessive ranges of volcanic fuel are the first hazard of concern, as this hazard can have far-reaching results down-wind,” Hawaiian Volcano Observatory warned. Among the many largest dangers is what’s bizarrely often known as “vog.” The phenomenon happens when sulfur dioxide, a generally occurring fuel in volcanic eruptions, interacts with the air to create a poisonous haze referred to as vog (volcanic fog, get it?).

“ Vog creates the potential for airborne well being hazards to residents and guests, damages agricultural crops and different vegetation, and impacts livestock,” the observatory clarifyed. For these dwelling within the neighborhood of Kīlauea, it might develop into an even bigger concern because the eruption goes on.

Scientists have additionally documented tephra, a catch-all time period for volcanic projectiles. That may embody cinders, pumice, and Pele’s hair, a time period for strands of volcanic glass fibers that appear like hair and are named after the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. All are harmful and might trigger critical accidents and respiratory points.

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