On-Demand Webinar: Into the Cryptoverse


Within the span of some years, cryptocurrencies have gone from laughingstock and novelty to a severe monetary instrument, and a serious sector in high-tech. The value of Bitcoin and Ethereum has gone from single {dollars} to hundreds, they usually’re more and more within the mainstream.

That is undoubtedly a constructive growth, because it opens new avenues for finance, transactions, tech developments, and extra. Sadly, no innovation is with out its darkish aspect, and the crypto trade isn’t any exception. A brand new webinar from XDR supplier Cynet (you’ll be able to see it right here) dives deeper into this darkish nook to discover the intersection of cybersecurity and cryptocurrency.

The primary query is how, precisely, cryptocurrency creates safety vulnerabilities for organizations. There is not any single reply, and in lots of circumstances, the outcomes are extra oblique. This bears nearer inspection, and the webinar, led by Cynet CyOps Analyst Ronen Ahdut, research the other ways cryptocurrencies are utilized by attackers.

Into the mainstream, for higher or worse

It is laborious to argue that having higher entry to monetary instruments is a nasty factor, however the nature of cryptocurrency is good for risk actors to leverage in opposition to organizations and customers. One of the vital frequent methods this happens is with ransomware.

Previously, ransomware assaults ran the chance of being simply detected – legislation enforcement can observe the motion of fiat currencies by a banking community, and discovering the information being stolen wasn’t impossibly tough. Cryptocurrencies – particularly “privacy-focused” ones like Monero make it a lot tougher to trace and perceive the place funds are going, or who’s behind them.

Equally, cryptomining and cryptojacking instruments have develop into extremely standard instruments deployed by malicious actors to leverage victims’ sources and affect their organizations. These new threats require totally different approaches to confront, and a deeper understanding of how they work.

The webinar discusses:

  • The fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and the historical past behind the expertise. To achieve a deeper understanding of how and why cryptocurrencies have develop into standard amongst risk actors, it is essential to understand the place they arrive from, and the way their fundamental construction lends itself to those actions.
  • The intersection of cryptocurrency and cybersecurity. Cryptocurrencies do not exist in a vacuum, and as quickly as they develop into potential threats, cybersecurity groups have to react and develop into conscious of what the dangers are. The intersection of those two fields is ripe for discovery.
  • The strategies attackers use to infiltrate networks. Most crypto-based assaults aren’t overt brute drive incidents. As an alternative, they require subtlety and stealth. To this finish, attackers search for more and more creative methods to infiltrate networks and deploy their payloads lengthy earlier than anybody can detect them.
  • How organizations can defend themselves, and the way Cynet can assist. It is not sufficient to know that one thing is going on. To resolve the problem, organizations want the precise mentality and the right instruments to defend themselves. The webinar will talk about strategies to detect, comprise, mitigate, and defeat these assaults. It would additionally cowl how Cynet can assist organizations defend themselves.

You possibly can watch the webinar now. Discover the on-demand recording right here.

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