Physician Who Survivors of the Flux Recap: Time Lords, Multiverses

Doctor Who Survivors of the Flux Recap: Time Lords, Multiverses

The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) is confronted with the latest regeneration of their adoptive mother, Tecteun (Barbara Flynn)

The Physician will get solutions… however does she really need them?
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With simply six episodes this season, Physician Who has needed to take care of a bit extra chaos than common when pushing in regards to the proverbial chess items of its central mysteries. Who’re Swarm and Azure? What’s the Flux? Who, what, why, and the way are Division? However as its penultimate episode cracks open a few of these mysteries, Flux finds us asking a way more grim query: why ought to we care?

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Season 13’s “Survivors of the Flux” shares an issue that has come up time and again—after “The Halloween Apocalypse” flung so many various characters and plot threads to chase at us, the time has come to truly chase them. The necessity to take action to put the groundwork for the season finale subsequent week, nonetheless, signifies that just about each lingering plot episode 5 touches looks like we’re not given almost sufficient time and impetus to truly be invested in these threads as they play out. Beneath the haphazard flitting about, “Survivors” hangs itself on three main plot threads: the Physician kidnapped by Division, discovering out the group’s objective; Yaz, Dan, and Jericho caught within the early 1900s making an attempt to determine a menace to Earth; after which, maybe most befuddling of all, the return of Craig Parkinson’s Grand Serpent, who’s all of the sudden on Earth and happening a timey-wimey decades-long journey manipulating UNIT from the shadows to open the planet up for invasion. All three plots on their very own may have sustained an episode—and arguably, all three of them in all probability ought to have—however due to the time constraints and unlucky occasions round Flux’s creation, we get a three-for-one deal that provides us the bones of the way more attention-grabbing plots these concepts may’ve been.

Let’s begin with the least narratively meaty of the threads. After Jericho, Yaz, and Dan spend a number of years touring the world making an attempt to be a a lot much less environment friendly model of group TARDIS sans-TARDIS (or Physician for that matter, however Yaz does a fairly strong job of following within the Physician’s footsteps because the rock of the unit), we lastly be taught why Steve Oram’s Nineteenth-century industrialist Joseph Williamson has been operating about muttering that he has no concept what’s happening for 5 episodes. Seems, his well-known Liverpudlian tunnel system has, in some way, managed to create a system of doorways linking Williamson to completely different closing dates, letting him see glimpses of the cataclysms dealing with Earth. We don’t get to be taught a lot past that proper now, which suggests Yaz, Dan, and Jericho trekking their approach throughout the planet felt like plenty of pointless set-ups to such a reveal, however it was a minimum of value getting to observe Yaz grapple along with her emotions of being lower off from the Physician.

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Meanwhile, the Grand Serpent’s here also flitting about through time on Earth! Remember the Grand Serpent? That guy who showed up in Vinder’s memories in “Once, Upon Time,” seemingly incredibly far from Earth or being interested in it and entirely unrelated? Well, that be damned, now he’s space-worming his way into the origin story of UNIT… for reasons. Well, as we learn eventually after he’s assassinated his way through the years and the echelons of the organization in what feels like a riff on Hydra’s infiltration of SHIELD in the MCU (just with a literal serpent this time!), the reason is seemingly to open the world up to Sontaran invasion. The aliens are still quite upset at the Doctor getting them shoved off the planet during their Crimean War games earlier this season.

However as soon as once more, we’re given so little time to take a position on this a part of the story. We get what quantities to a few variations of the identical sequence throughout three completely different intervals, because the Grand Serpent reveals he’s as much as no good and makes use of his invisible snake buddy to grotesquely kill off anybody at UNIT who discovers he’s alien (besides the returning Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, who’s sensible sufficient to defend herself and break a flip-phone the second one thing fishy’s happening). There’s no exploration as to why the Grand Serpent is doing this, or how this even hyperlinks to his previous relationship with Vinder. To not point out the endgame of all of it merely being to carry the Sontarans again for spherical two feels fairly empty within the right here and now, and similar to the arc with Yaz, Dan, and Jericho, a distraction from what ought to’ve been the actual core of the episode.

That’s, in fact, what the Physician is getting as much as. For as frustratingly temporary her half in “Survivors” feels, it’s the densest of the three major threads. We be taught that the Physician’s escort to Division doesn’t simply take her to the guts of the mysterious group, hidden inside the gaps between a multiversal existence, however to a reckoning along with her very origins. It seems that not solely is Division a Time Lord creation, it’s the product of the closest factor the Physician has to a mom: Tecteun (now performed by Barbara Flynn), the Gallifreyan who discovered her as a timeless baby and reverse-engineered regeneration to remodel Gallifrey’s native inhabitants into the Time Lords. Away from the messiness of “Division’s objective” and “The Time Lords did it,” all of that is fascinating and results in a superb, livid efficiency from Whittaker.

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The Physician is given the possibility to be weak and rail towards the life they may’ve had if not for Tecteun’s interference and experimentation (interfering, it seems, feels prefer it’s extra intrinsic to the very cloth of Time Lords than regeneration was) in a approach we’ve solely seen her do in moments of profound weak point throughout the previous two seasons. Her anger on the life she may’ve had makes the Physician really feel extra human than she ever has been in some methods—thrust into a lifetime of saving mortals, her individuals and her guardians really feel unworthy, to spite them for what was took from her. It provides the Physician’s quest for an identification and objective to their heroism a captivating edge. Or it could… if this battle between mom determine and deserted daughter weren’t lower brief by Azure and Swarm displaying as much as promptly mud Tecteun.

The villainous pair tease the Physician that her stolen, saved reminiscences—locked inside the identical sort of chameleon-arch watch fob we noticed the Grasp’s identification sealed in all these years in the past—won’t ever present the total solutions somebody like Tecteun may’ve. It’s irritating, not simply due to the shock endpoint of that relationship, however as a result of “Survivors” has to maintain chopping away from Tecteun and the Physician to arrange the remainder of its chess items for subsequent week’s finale. As viewers, we can not correctly care that the Physician’s mom is killed off as rapidly as she’s reintroduced as a result of all of it occurs so rapidly. Plus, after we’ve lower forwards and backwards between two different thriller threads all episode, the solutions we’re left with really feel half-formed reasonably than actually revelatory it.

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The operating theme all through the three plots of the episode is frustration at getting these tales advised so rapidly and haphazardly within the set as much as a grand climax that we’re not almost given sufficient time to sit down with them and really feel invested. Yaz and Dan’s arc and the Grand Serpent’s alliance with the Sontarans maybe undergo the least right here, as clearly there’s going to should be extra to the Williamson Tunnels subsequent week anyway. Frankly, it’s not the be-all and end-all if we don’t really feel fairly in order invested in a Sontaran invasion as a result of, nicely, it’s a Sontaran invasion. Potato individuals will shoot laser weapons, explosions will occur, Earth will battle again, and it’ll be all good and enjoyable in that traditional Physician Who alien assault method.

That’s high-quality. Dodgy shoehorning of the Serpent into all of it apart, we don’t really want far more to be excited by the prospect of some explosions. However their presence right here in “Survivors” stored drawing away from what actually ought to’ve been the guts of the episode: the Physician’s reunion with Tecteun. “The Timeless Kids” went thus far in diving into the potential of the Physician’s previous lives, and the liberty that doubtlessly dropped at each the present and to the Physician themselves. So tying Tecteun into Division’s origins, and seeing a lot of the conversations the Physician has along with her lower all the way down to take care of its machinations and the Flux felt irritating reasonably than satisfying. The identical may very well be stated for seemingly wiping Tecteun from the board fully, though, as ever, loss of life isn’t at all times as sure on Physician Who, so maybe there’s an opportunity that Swarm and Azure’s disintegrating mud is much less deadly than we’ve been led to imagine. But when that is the tip of that thread past the potential restoration of the Physician’s reminiscences, it looks like an enormous missed alternative.

And so, Physician Who comes crashing right into a finale with many, many items nonetheless left on the desk. Time will inform if subsequent week will handle to place a satisfying bow on what Flux has arrange, and the way that paves the way in which for Jodie Whittaker’s ultimate hours because the thirteenth Physician to start on New Yr’s Day subsequent yr. However given how the season thus far has actually struggled to find the time to focus, possibly hoping we’ll exit Flux with a way of readability has all of the hopes of Earth with the ability to overcome a Sontaran invasion proper now.

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Assorted Musings

  • If I see one other title card with a location and yr in Chibnall’s time on Physician Who on this subsequent yr, I’ll… nicely truly I don’t know. However it’s taking place an excessive amount of and it doesn’t provide you with any sense of worldwide scale, it simply feels foolish at this level.
  • Between Division and the Celestial Intervention Company, the Time Lords had been sucky sufficient to have a number of black ops manipulative organizations ignoring all the foundations they set for themselves.
  • The return of Kate Stewart apart, the lovable passing nod to the Brigadier’s early UNIT days was fairly beautiful. And we acquired an Osgood point out! Possibly we’ll truly get to see her subsequent week now that Kate is outwardly main humankind’s resistance towards the Sontarans in keeping with the Subsequent Time trailer.
  • Maybe the only advantage of the Williamson tunnels arc right here is that we get extra time to show Jericho right into a quasi-companion for Yaz to steward within the Physician’s absence—it was very enjoyable. It will’ve been good to sit down with him, Dan, and Yaz a bit greater than them simply globetrotting each scene, as a result of as a trio they’re a fairly strong unit. Being flung again to the flip of the twentieth century will try this to individuals, I assume.
  • Poor Vinder getting zapped right into a Passenger so simply, after which instantly assembly the one different particular person we truly know is inside out of apparently billions, Di. She apparently has develop into very gun-happy in her time there however hopefully, her arrival means we’ll get to seek out out a way or one other to rescue individuals out of these issues subsequent week. In any other case, that will be a really bizarre and unlucky finish to his arc this season.

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