Sugar hangovers: Why you’re feeling unhealthy after you eat sugar

Sugar hangovers: Why you feel bad after you eat sugar

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Sugar is the black sheep of the well being and wellness world. Whether or not you like it, keep away from it just like the plague or fall someplace in between, sugar is without doubt one of the most hotly debated matters in well being. A really actual, but perplexing scenario, is what I name a sugar “hangover.” It doesn’t matter what you name it, feeling drained or dizzy after consuming sugar can occur, however what does it imply precisely?

One minute you will be using a sugar excessive, and the following you’re feeling simply plain gross. Generally it occurs immediately, or has a delayed impact (like should you eat one too many cookies at evening and get up the following day with a headache). Whilst you might not get a full-fledged “hangover” each time you eat sugar, even feeling a bit bit unhealthy is annoying. To seek out out why this occurs I talked to Amy Gorin, a registered dietician and proprietor of Plant-Primarily based Eats

Why does sugar make you’re feeling unhealthy?

It is no secret that an excessive amount of sugar is a nasty thought on your well being. The place issues can get difficult is if you speak about totally different sorts of sugar, since not all sugar is created equal. Some folks might say “sugar is sugar,” which is true to an extent, however the sugar that you simply discover in a pure complete meals, like an apple, is a bit totally different than the sugar you discover in a doughnut for instance.

If sugar is frequently making you’re feeling unhealthy, Gorin says to start out with contemplating what sort of sugar you are consuming. “Relating to sugar, there are two varieties: naturally occurring sugar and added sugars. Naturally occurring sugars are in meals like fruit, greens and dairy — and these aren’t the forms of sugars you must be tremendous watchful of except you’ve a situation like diabetes,” says Gorin.

Added sugars are those that you simply discover in desserts like cookies and cake, however they will even present up in stunning meals like baked beans and canned fruit. “These added sugars can provide you a sugar spike of power after which zap your power after that spike. If you happen to overconsume them in a single sitting, you may not really feel so nice,” explains Gorin. Another excuse why sugar makes you’re feeling crummy is as a result of overeating it may trigger irritation within the physique, based on Gorin. The best way this works is what researchers say is by way of a course of within the liver that creates free fatty acids, which might result in irritation, based on Medical Information As we speak.

How you’re feeling if you eat sugar is not nearly what kind of sugar or how a lot you are consuming although. One thing else to bear in mind is what you are consuming alongside the sugar. “[Sugar] positively can [make you feel sick], particularly should you eat one thing that is straight added sugar and that does not have any protein, fiber or fats to assist stability out how shortly that sugar will affect you,” explains Gorin. Protein, fats and fiber are key vitamins to preserving your blood sugar balanced and can assist even out the spiking impact that sugar has in your blood sugar.

“That is why should you had been to go for a bit of sweet, it is higher to decide on a Snickers bar, which accommodates that fiber, fats and protein versus say a Pixy Stix, which is straight sugar,” explains Gorin.


Sugar is straightforward to go overboard on — here is find out how to keep away from the sugar hangover.

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The best way to eat sugar and keep away from ‘sugar hangovers’ 

First, you must attempt to keep within the advisable vary for each day consumption of sugar, which is about 50 grams of added sugar per day. “It’s best to goal to maintain your added sugar consumption at 10 % or much less of each day energy. For a 2,000-calorie each day food regimen that will be not more than 200 energy or 50 grams of added sugar per day,” says Gorin.

“Apart from preserving your each day complete sugar consumption at or under the 50 grams per day tips, you also needs to keep away from consuming a number of sugar in a single sitting,” she provides. “Spacing out the sugar you eat all through the day shall be simpler in your physique and blood sugar. Once more, combining sugar with different meals that include protein, fats, and or fiber may also show you how to really feel extra balanced.” 

One other tip from Gorin on decreasing sugar consumption and avoiding a sugar hangover is to make your individual dessert at residence. This fashion you’ll be able to management precisely what goes in your meals and there’s no guessing about how a lot sugar you may be consuming. “One of many best methods to scale back your consumption of added sugars is to make your individual desserts that do not include any added sugars,” says Gorin. “As an illustration, you may make a do-it-yourself ‘good cream’ or perhaps a chocolate pudding that does not include any added sugars. These recipes are sweetened naturally with fruit,” says Gorin.

If you wish to keep away from additional sugar, one other tip is to make use of spices that style naturally candy to your meals. “Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg are on the sweeter facet and might add sweetness to drinks like espresso and meals like oatmeal,” says Gorin.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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