The very best video games for the Change OLED’s ‘Vivid’ mode

The best games for the Switch OLED’s ‘Vivid’ mode

That is an apparent alternative, however “Dread” ably handles the stress of being a launch title for a brand new console mannequin. Whereas docked, the sport outputs at a blurry 900p for 4K TV units. However on the Change, it outputs at 720p, making “Dread” look as if it had been laser-etched into your display screen. The inexperienced and blue glows from the sport’s alien buildings solely look extra otherworldly in opposition to pitch-black caverns and ruins. Lava and sparks bouncing from machines turn out to be a shiny, sizzling orange. The sport could look extra naturalistic with Vivid mode off, however the unnatural lights befit the sport’s temper.

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