Why Residence Assistant would not have an exterior API for integrations

Why Home Assistant doesn't have an external API for integrations

Residence Assistant is the world’s largest house automation platform speaking with over 1700 totally different units and providers. Residence Assistant works with these through “integrations”.

Every integration runs inside Residence Assistant. They convert the information from the system into knowledge that Residence Assistant understands and ahead instructions from Residence Assistant again to the system. For this to work a tool or service must have an software programming interface (API).

It’s not doable for a tool or service to supply lights, switches or different system varieties through the Residence Assistant API with out an integration. It may be faked, but it surely gained’t work appropriately. We explicitly didn’t add this function due to interoperability.

If Residence Assistant had been to supply this selection, units and providers would now not be required to create an API for management – they might simply implement ours. This creates vendor lock-in, locks different house automation platforms out and hurts the open Web of Issues ecosystem.

It is best to be capable of entry your knowledge out of your units with none restrictions. Requiring a particular software to get to your knowledge is just not the answer.

Our objective is a house the place all sensible units may be managed regionally.

This stance will harm us within the quick time period as a result of we get much less integrations. It’s extra work for a producer to create an API and a Residence Assistant integration.

In the long run the person will win. Gadgets with native APIs will nonetheless work 10 years from now and nobody will probably be held hostage by vendor lock-in as a result of a few of their units solely work with Residence Assistant.

Be aware about Residence Assistant APIs: Residence Assistant does have an API, simply not for integrations. It means that you can entry all of your knowledge in real-time. We even have a knowledge science portal that paperwork how one can question the historic knowledge saved on disk.

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